Reliability improvements, productivity enhancements and data security services including:

» Computer Hardware and Software service and upgrades including:
   - Inoperative and malfunctioning systems repaired
   - Software installation, configuration and updates
   - Printer installation and configuration
   - Memory, hard disk, CD/DVD drive and video card upgrades
   - New computer installation and existing data migrated to new system

» Server installation, maintenance, service and upgrades. We support:
   - Windows NT 4, 2000, 2003, SBS, SQL and Exchange
   - Macintosh OS 9 and OS X, with AppleShare and OS X Server
   - Linux
   - Mac/PC apps such as .ExtremeZ-IP, DAVE and PC MacLAN

» New Server installation and data migration to new systems
   - Server OS and application software updates and upgrades
   - Disaster recovery preparation with “Bare Metal Recovery”
   - Server-managed and monitored Anti-Virus software systems

» Backup systems including:
   - External Hard Drives
   - Removable hard drive systems
   - CD/DVD burners
   - Internal hard drives
   - Tape drives

» Remote Access and VPN Systems and Remote Monitoring
   - Remote access systems for access from home or on the road
   - Site-to-Site VPNs for multiple computer access to office systems
   - VPN Client software for access from a Hot Spot or hotel
   - Windows Terminal Services for remote users on the road
   - Remote system monitoring to resolve problems without on-site visits
   - We support Windows Remote Desktop, ARD, Timbuktu and VNC

» Antivirus and Spyware prevention software setup and service

» Secure Wireless networking setups